Kingship of Man

“Kingship of a man”
Many men were born with this kind of mentality call kingship. When we are young we have learned all good thing and bad thing, so our mind start to absorb more and more (for those who from software engineer, you would know this term “GIGO” garbage in garbage out), and when we become adult, those information in our mind start to show out its real nature.
That’s why for those man like Hitler, Polpot and many more if you know, they had been learning and struggling so hard and they become so success. Then they said to themselves, “well life is all about kingship over yourself”. Day by day they started to develop their own though, own ideologies (communism, maxims, Darwinism etc). Their ideology become unstoppable, because they have an assistant as Devil, the devil in their mind, grows strongly and become powerful. So they start think they can rule the world and turn the world into his way.
What a sad way of life, you know all about what these people done to the world. They end up bring self-destruction and nations destruction.
You don’t have to be like this, let Jesus in, he will get rid of the entire devil mind inside you, you can become king, ruler, governor under the mighty hand of God. People under you will flourish, not perish.


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