For Christ

I will begin my day with this wonderful story “Power of forgiveness”.

It was in France, Paris, after the ww2. Many major part of the country and city of France were destroyed by the war, the newly form government has started the hard work to build the broke n country and people.

This is a story of young, poor, uneducated and homeless man. All of his family members were killed during the war, so he is lonely and hopeless. He steal for living, he steal almost anything. Another young and bright law enforcement officer, also on his way to build France after the war, he committed his life to bring order to the city and he also act as arresting officer too.

It started with a poor man, one day he went hungry, so his conscious telling him, look there is a bakery shop, go and steal some bread for your survival. He went as his conscious told him, he managed to grab few loafs of bread and sneak away, but unluckily he was grabbed by the shirt by the law enforcement officer, the office handcuffed him and sent him to the court. The poor-man was sentence 2 years term in jail for his act of stealing. The officer was very happy since he has done his job well.

After two years in jail, the poor-man freed from the prison, two years in jail could give him nothing what life all about. Again his conscious keep telling him “Man, you were thief, you are thief, and you will be thief, this is life could give you”. He wondered around the city, and went hungry again; this time he found a nearby church, he start thinking well I will settle my night here at the church. The pastor of the church gave him a warmly welcome, gave him food and a bed for him to spend his night.

Now let get back to the police-officer, though the poor-man has been sentence to two years in jail, under his just hand and the law, he knew the man somehow will steal again, because that what most thief does. So he followed the poor-man to the church and wait for him out site, because he knew the poor-man will again stealing something from the church.

The dark was over and dawn came to place, the poor-man woke up from a wonderful sleep under the roof of the church, after two years sleeping on the floor of mighty prison. He walked around inside the church and found a silver candle stick, haha, I will steal this silver candle stick and sell it to the antique store, I will have enough money to survive for few more weeks. Without hesitation, he grabbed the candle stick and put under his coat and sneaked away before anyone awake. There he is, the police-officer standing at the front gate of the church, he grabbed the thief, handcuffed him and walk him the court again, he was very happy this time, since he is right about what the poor-man will do. Suddenly a loud-kindly voice broke up from inside the church, there it is, the voice of the pastor, he ran quickly to the police-officer, and said sir, he is not a thief, he didn’t steal anything from the church, I gave it to him. He carried on speak to the poor-man, he said “son why you leave so early, I have packed few more bronze and silver candle stick and also some food, why you only take this small silver candle stick”. The police-officer couldn’t find any guilt against the poor-man, thought he knows he is a thief, the poster was just trying the help him, but at the end he leave them.

The pastor say nothing to the poor-man, the man down on his knee and start crying and crying, he raise his voice and said “Sir, why you have to do this to me, don’t you know I am thief, I’m about to steal this candle stick, I am a sinner, I have done many bad things, no-one will again call me friend and take me in as guest, no one on earth will forgive me”. The pastor silent for a bit and raise his voice, “son how bad is your sin, do you know you are very precious to Jesus. Do you know why he chose to be crucified on the cross, he has been mocked, hated, spitted on the face, though he has done nothing wrong, it’s all because he love you, For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, to die for our sin. Come to him, though your sin is abundance, he will clean you white as snow, Jesus is lord of heaven and earth, he is the lord of lords, king of kings, he is the creator of universe and he call you son. Now repent and let him rule over you, for that is what he wants”. The poor-man received Jesus as his personal savior, Jesus had died for me, and then he rose again so I will live for him.

From that day he lives his life as a child o f God, under the mighty hand of God, he become a successful businessman, and live his life for Jesus.

Now get back to the police-officer, with his unforgiving mind, he never think the poor-man will be a good person again. He spent his entire life, waiting to catch the man when he convict something wrong. After ten years, he couldn’t find any conviction the man does, he felt so much depression and the devil leads him to the bridge he jumped off and drowned to death.

What a unforgiving life of police-officer, what mighty hand of God on the poor-man, what a merciful pastor and what a wonderful love of God, he once died for the sin of the world, and rose up again to give his children eternal life. AMEN.


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